We present the world with innovative, R & D-based, NO COMPROMISE garments and other fashion products through our state-of-the-art facilities and complete command over design, quality, and logistics. Our factories produce most sought after garments every year, with a resounding recent success in creating sportswear performance apparel using both Indian and imported specialty fabrics. Our team of professionals brings to the table a freshness of ideas combined with years of hands-on experience in apparels & textile industry with major brands like NIKE , BENETTON ,LNJ BHILWARA GROUP to name a few. Our forward looking executives have firm moorings in the fields of business, public relations. Good public relations doesn’t come easy, it is part art, part skill and a lot of hard work. But, neither is it rocket science, particularly with our experienced team, which has as its mainstay a flexibility of approach and integrated solutions. We believe in building relationships with our clients based on trust and credibility. We take care of your interests at the factory in your absence in terms of merchandising, production, development, shipping and logistics. We are a bridge between you and the factory to enable a smooth and effective communication leading to a highly successful business relationship. All fabrics are tested for shrinkage, color fastness and performance. We ensure your interests are taken care of without compromising at any stage. EFFECTIVELY WE BECOME YOUR REPRESENTATIVES HERE IN INDIA looking after all aspects of the products from development to shipping. All products will be made readily available and hence can be shipped to customers at the shortest possible time. Custom orders can also be undertaken but the delivery period will be between 60 and 75 days. Special price advantage since there is no retail model-we assure you of the best prices which are possible without any compromise on any aspect of the product. Fast and effective communication for all customers regarding the status of the products being made with us.


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